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AI Revolutionizes Survey Handling in Ulricehamn Municipality

In a recently published article in Ulricehamns Tidning, an exciting example of how our survey and analysis platform esMaker transforms the survey process in municipalities is highlighted, especially with the help of its AI functions. We at Entergate are proud to see our platform in use and the positive effects it has for municipal administration.

This post is based on insights and information from an article published in Ulricehamns Tidning, where Max Rademacher, unit manager at the strategy and development unit at Ulricehamn municipality , shares his experiences with the municipality's new AI-based survey system, esMaker. Rademacher expresses his admiration for how the system not only streamlines the process of data collection and analysis, but also contributes to better use of resources within the municipality.

Innovative Technology in Practice

esMaker's AI analysis has taken Ulricehamn municipality's data collection and analysis processes to new heights. Max Rademacher, unit manager at the strategy and development unit in Ulricehamn, shares how esMaker has streamlined their work, from manual handling to automated and fast data analysis. In Ulricehamns Tidning's article "AI saves time and resources for the municipality" quoted Rademacher:

- It is a great support, I am impressed by how well it works.
People sit in front of a computer in the municipality

AI's Transformative Impact on Survey Management

Rademacher highlights AI's transformative impact in the article by comparing esMaker with previously used systems. He cites a security survey as an example: With the old system, it took a month to compile a report, while the AI-powered functions of esMaker completed the task in seconds.

This marked improvement in efficiency is not only impressive but also proof of AI's revolutionary potential in administrative processes. It is a clear example of how smart technology can streamline and simplify everyday tasks, freeing up time and resources for other important work.

The article highlights an important aspect regarding security and reliability within AI systems. Max Rademacher, with his solid experience in municipal administration, emphasizes the reliability of the system. His confidence in esMaker is based on the system's ability to accurately manage and analyze data without introducing error or bias:

"We haven't seen any weaknesses here yet. In systems like this, which only handle limited data, AI does not have the opportunity to come up with its own answers," explains Rademacher in the article.

This highlights esMaker's strength when it comes to handling data in a safe and reliable way, the AI in esMaker does not handle additional data such as personal data or other sensitive information.

Entergate, as a Swedish company, is dedicated to maintaining high standards of data protection and integrity. Our platforms are developed in Sweden and all data storage takes place within the country. This gives our users extra security, as they can be sure that their data is handled with the greatest possible security and in accordance with strict data protection rules. The fact that our solutions are designed with user safety in mind is part of our commitment to deliver services of the highest quality.

Entergate continues to set the standard for how AI can be used safely and effectively in municipal administration and other sectors. We look forward to continuing to lead the way in this digital revolution, where data integrity and security are as important as the efficiency and precision of the services we offer.

This blog entry is based on Ulricehamn's newspaper article: AI saves time and resources for the municipality: "I am impressed". Read the full article here Gauffin, V. (2023). AI saves time and resources for the municipality: "I'm impressed". Ulricehamns Newspaper. Retrieved from https ://


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