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Follows up and improves the work 

A healthy generation uses esMaker to follow up the business, get fact-based data in real time and find ways to improve. 
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About A Healthy Generation: 

A non-profit organization, which is politically and religiously independent and works to promote health with a focus on families with children in collaboration with municipalities, business and associations. The organization's patron is HRH Prince Daniel.  

Number of participants per year : 1,553 (2019)
Number of activities per year:
  932 (2019)

A healthy generation today uses:

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"Entergate is solution-oriented and their support is world-class. The esMaker tool is also very easy to use in practice."

Follows up & improves

In a study conducted by Karolinska Institutet, measurements showed that children were most sedentary after school and on weekends. A Healthy Generation was started in 2011 in response to the study, to reverse the trend and work for the joy of movement.

- We offer free activities for the whole family in socio-economically vulnerable areas. The purpose is for all children to have the same chance to grow up to be strong and healthy individuals. To follow up and improve our work, we use the survey tool esMaker, says Vera Holm who is a quality strategist.

The whole family can join

A Healthy Generation is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization that collaborates with ten Swedish municipalities at present. It is the municipalities that choose which schools and areas they want to start activities in together with A Healthy Generation.  

- These are often vulnerable areas where it is not obvious for children to participate in association life. We want to break the trend and promote more equal health. Therefore, A Healthy Generation offers activities twice a week during a school year. The activities are carried out in the local area, usually on the school premises, and the whole family with children, siblings and parents are welcome to participate together. It can be, for example, football, floorball or outdoor activities. 

Substrate in real time

A lock into association life

Last year, a total of 932 activities were carried out with the aim of inspiring families with children to a healthy lifestyle with good eating and exercise habits. The goal is for the family to have fun and want to continue moving in an established association or on their own in the future.  

- We are convinced that our method increases physical activity, which in turn increases both physical and mental well-being. At the same time, the sense of context increases among the families with children in society where the need is greatest.

Measurement of results

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have conducted studies on the work of A Healthy Generation during the years 2011-2016, which show that 46 percent of the most inactive participants have increased their activity. Now the organization goes deeper into the issues under its own auspices with the survey tool esMaker.

- My role as a quality strategist is to follow up the business in A Healthy Generation, get fact-based data in real time and find ways to improve. esMaker will help us move forward, I know that from previous good experiences. I have worked for several years with the tool in other contexts. Entergate is solution-oriented and their support is world-class. The esMaker tool is also very easy to use in practice.


The effect of methods

Black on white

esMaker is a cloud-based survey tool that provides secure feedback on products and services and is used by both the private business sector and the public sector. A large number of Sweden's municipalities use esMaker daily.

- The reports will show the strengths of the business and our opportunities for improvement. We get black and white on the effect of our methods and A Healthy Generation's work, which is also of great interest to the municipalities that choose to invest in a collaboration with us.


The way ahead
The collaboration between Entergate and A Healthy Generation has only just begun, but the goals are long-term.

- At present, we base surveys on researchers' validated questions. In the future, we see great potential in being able to adapt the questionnaires to the target group so that they are suitable for both younger children and adults, and to be able to follow up participants' habits in the longer term. We now have a steering tool towards our long-term goals - improved physical and mental health, increased integration, improved networks and safer housing areas. It feels great, says Vera Holm.

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