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Why Entergate?

Because everything is included.

World-class technology. Support you can always trust. Security of the highest standard. In addition, we do not work with the number of user licenses, unlock functions or levels. We are completely transparent in our licensing structure. All our functions are available to you as a customer.

It can actually be that simple.

In addition, world-class support.

Always safe with Entergate

Highest safety standard, with us you get the safest systems in Sweden:

  • Developed to meet Swedish requirements

  • GDPR compliant

  • Complete privacy management

  • Swedish developed

  • Servers in Sweden - no foreign assistants

  • Accessibility adapted according to WCAG. 

esMaker entrepreneurs price


The market's most powerful survey & Analysis platform

Create with Drag and drop, magical import and AI 

​Share via email, social media,

email embed, link, QR code, SMS and pop-up

Analyze with AI, present the results with word clouds, dashboards, automatic powerpoint templates and links in real time 


Registration form

Create efficient and user-friendly registration pages for all your events.


Create professional GDPR friendly newsletters, embed survey questions and automate flows. 
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Book a meeting with us to see the possibilities with our tool!

Moa Månsson

Experience the power of a comprehensive

e-learning platform

Preboarding & Onboarding 

Create interactive nano-training with gamification elements & Quiz

Register competencies, administer physical training sessions

Collect everything in individual portals & executive portals with integrations

Log on to the points survey

Digital mapping

Geographic surveys

Mapping safe school routes

Crime prevention mapping

Do you need a customized solution? 

Employee feedback, pulse measurements and customer feedback 

Our end-to-end solution means that our expert team takes care of the entire process, from start to finish, ensuring that each project reaches the highest possible standards. 

“Good, simple solutions. Great flexibility. Good setup with reports and manager portal.”

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Nicoletta Öggesjö 

Data collection and analysis manager

Book an inspiration meeting with me! 

Choose a tool that grows with you

Entergate strives to build long-term and transparent partnerships, with our licensing models reflecting this aspiration. We have designed structure that is free from hidden costs and limitations. Our goal is for our partners to have room to grow and develop together with us.

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Always free support

We not only deliver customer service, we are your partner all the way. Our support is always available, unlimited for the entire organization. In addition, we are known for our support.

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Unlimited use

A license, unlimited with users and use. Create your own users and  administer authority and access. Everything is included in a license! It can actually be that simple.

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All functions are included

Use the tool completely unlimited. No unlock features, levels and add-ons. Everything is included in one tool - how much you want.

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Integration with API and AD. 

Smooth integrations simplify your flow. Automate mailing flows, respondent lists and more.



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