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About us 

Entergate AB is a leading Swedish tech company that was founded in 1998 with the goal of offering the highest quality in the industry.  

Entergate has always strived for limitless innovation. With 25 years of experience in breaking new ground in the survey and analysis area & competence development. We work as a team together with our customers to create strong and lasting relationships. In Sweden, we are the market leader in the public sector with over 180 municipalities, 12 regions and 30 authorities with major global customers such as Volvo Cars and Atlas Copco.  

​At Entergate we understand the importance of combining ease of use with advanced functionality.

Our platforms are designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for experts while ensuring the highest level of data security. We are Swedish-owned, our platforms are Swedish-developed and all data storage takes place in Sweden. We are also proud to have a collective agreement, which confirms our commitment as a responsible employer.

We offer outstanding support and world-class technology, working closely with our customers to drive their success. Entergate is not just a supplier, but a committed partner for your organization. 

Be first - Be with us

CEO of Entergate Man in office

Be first 
Be with us 

Our vision

Entergate's vision is to be a globally leading IT pioneer that continuously redefines the boundaries of technological innovation. By being at the forefront of technological development and having a deep understanding of customer needs, we strive to transform organizations and take them to new levels of success. Our commitment to technical excellence and customer-centric service is at the core of our endeavor. We are dedicated to continuously leading the way under our motto "Be first – Be with us".

Our mission

Entergate's mission is to deliver high quality technology solutions that are both innovative and user-friendly. We are committed to empowering our customers to make informed decisions through our products and services. By working closely with our customers, we strive to build long-term relationships based on trust and co-operation, which is central to achieving success together.


Entergate has been awarded a Nordic Growth Certificate​ by UC for two years in a row, which only 5% of Sweden's companies qualify for. ​We are very proud and happy about this.​

Entergate AB has been assigned Available

Entergate has been awarded the Halmstad municipality's Accessibility and Reception Award, a recognition of our commitment to accessibility and quality in everything we do.

Thee people in business environment

Our core values


We work as a team with our customers. We believe in creating strong & long-term relationships. 


Flexibility is a key word for us. We always try to find flexible solutions, tailored to every need. All our tools are developed together with our customers. Together, we come up with a flexible solution that suits your organization.


We at Entergate work hard to show our customers that they can trust us when it comes to availability, data storage in a secure way, that we always offer the best solutions - and stick to what we promise. Reliability is central to our core values.


Boundlessness permeates every aspect of the company, most of it is possible, in customer service and in the tools. 

Do you want to be part of the Entergate Team?

A team of fast, innovative people with fresh experiences and new ideas. Service and support, product developers, programmers, sales people, training staff and company management work closely and together at the head office in Halmstad. The team spirit is contagious and affects every new member of the team.

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Entergate logo
Discover Your Opportunities At Entergate

Entergate is in an expansive phase and growing like never before. We need employees who actively and committedly contribute to the company's continued development.

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