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Collect your data, automate feeds, embed survey questions, evaluations, heart rate measurements or NPS in flexible newsletters tailored to your organization.

All in one solution 

Collect feedback with esMaker's newsletter. Via the newsletter, you can easily manage mailings and statistics for recipients, unsubscribe, embed survey questions and segment recipient groups!  

  • Easily create newsletters with drag-and-drop

  • Use and share templates with your organization

  • Embed survey questions & application forms

  • Segment recipient groups 

  • Customize newsletters with personal keywords (name, product, etc.)

  • Automatic reminders 

  • Completed subscriptions are cleared automatically - GDPR


Create easily with Drag and drop


Existing templates
Share & work together

Segment recipient groups

Insert links & survey questions

Follow status

Mailings and reminders

Link statistics

Response rate in real time

Optimize your Newsletter feed

Integrate & automate

Automate mailings according to your workflows. Segment and simplify.


Works on all devices mobile, tablet and computer automatically.

Automatic Opt-out

Simplify your GDPR work with automatic Opt-out.

Personalized feeds

Insert names, keywords and background variables.

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