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We always try to find flexible solutions, tailored to every need. We work without limits and together with our customers. Together, we come up with a flexible solution that suits your organization.

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What do our customers say?

Glad kvinna i blus som ler
“Entergate is responsive to our ideas, which we greatly appreciate. They have the ability to turn our input into practical interactive tools that allow us to move forward. esTracer is a good example. We like that there are different ways to ask questions and that instructional and information films can be easily woven in. ”

Pia Winstedt-Sandin, Leg Pharmacist / Senior Consultant, Apoteket AB

En kvinna i blus som är glad på en öppen väg med blå himmel

Apoteket AB

Sweden's largest pharmacy chain trains 3,500 employees with esTracer

Sociala personer som sitter längst en brygga och njuter av solen med havet som utsikt

Umeå municipality

Umeå municipality improves upper secondary school with esMaker.

Visar fem stycken flagor  som är uppsatta i flaggstänger
Logotyp för Tomelilla kommun, visar en röd sköld med en fågel i mitten

Tomelilla municipality

Tomelilla municipality increases the quality of operations with esTracer.

Tre personer som visar upp fyrklövrar
Logotyp för Tomelilla kommun, visar en röd sköld med en fågel i mitten

A healthy generation

A healthy generation follows up and improves the work with esMaker.

Public sector? You are in good company.







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