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First district administration


Digital mapping of security with 


Number of employees: 3,470 employees
Number of stores: 370 stores in 250 locations
Number of customer meetings per year: 33 million
Turnover: 18.6 billion

Collaboration with Entergate: 2001

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​Farsta district administration faced challenges with streamlining resource allocation within security and crime prevention work. Previous resource allocation was not based on concrete data, which led to inefficient use of funds and efforts. In addition, there was a lack of a coordinated platform for reporting and analysis of security-related events.


"We put a lot of money into resources but didn't really know where they should be put," explains Tomaj, contact person for Farsta Trygghetsforum. 


pointSurvey was introduced as the tool to meet these needs. The platform enabled collective reporting from all actors within the forum, which contributed to a clear picture of the situation and more efficient resource allocation. With functions for a location picture on a map, dialog tools for community engagement and simplified documentation during security walks, pointSurvey became a central part of the Farsta district administration's strategy.

"PointSurvey was the only tool that met all the needs of Farsta district administration"

- Tomaj Keivany, Business Developer Security and Urban Development


Through the use of pointSurvey, Farsta Tryghetsforum has been able to direct resources and efforts more precisely and thereby increase the efficiency of its work.


"We have isolated challenges and problems that disappeared with the help of points". This improved use of resources has led to more tangible security in the area.

Farsta Trygghetsforum wins Stockholm city's safety award! 
With the help of pointSurvey, Farsta won a prize for its innovative work.  
Police officers receive award

Source: Stockholm County Police

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Why PointSurvey? 

Farsta district administration chose pointSurvey for its unique features that set it apart from other solutions, such as its unlimited licenses for reporters and administrators, the possibility of extensive dialogues with citizens and the tool to generate detailed reports in Word format.

"With the help of pointSurvey, we can involve several actors in the work and collect data from both the municipality's own operations and external partners. This tool differs from other solutions through its comprehensive and flexible platform, which allows us not only to report but also to conduct dialogues with our citizens."


In this customer case, we hear from Tomaj Keivany, Security and Urban Development Business Developer, about how Farsta Trygghetsforum uses pointSurvey to map and improve security in its area.

 How can your immediate area become safer?

With our mapping system pointSurvey, you easily mark safety deviations directly in a web-based tool. With just one license, you can give unlimited users access to the mapping and the opportunity to report deviations. We at Entergate design the tool in collaboration with you, based on your business and your needs and wishes.

Book a 30 min demo and we'll tell you more!

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