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Employee feedback

The starting point for Entergate's employee feedback process is simplicity for you as a customer! Our goal is to, according to your needs, offer invaluable help in your work.

You decide the design
- we cover the entire chain 

Entergate helps you with the entire process, from building the organizational structure to finished reports. We offer a structured and well-tested employee survey that measures the psychological work climate at all levels in the organization. You as a customer can choose to start from the survey, make changes or together with us create a completely new survey. The important thing is that it is designed to suit you and your employees.

instrumentpanel för kontakter och chatt

We cover the entire chain of the survey - from building the organizational structure to completed reports.


Each manager can follow up the employee survey and choose which question areas

to be followed up.

Pulse measurment

Get an overview of employees' well-being in real time.

Exit measurement

Exit & Intro feedback for proactive

measures and provides a basis for continuous


Gather everything in manager portals

Each manager has access to a manager portal designed according to your graphic profile.


Managers get a clear overview of employee surveys, heart rate measurements, follow-up surveys and can create their own measurements that are suitable for the ever-changing workplace.

In the management portals, it is possible to follow the response frequency in real time, produce reports for their respective departments and gain access to support material for results, follow-up and follow-up work. 

Solutions tailored to your organization

Always free support

Integrations via AD & API

Personal project manager

Security of the highest standard

Blond Kvinna står upp

Data collection and Analysis Manager

Nicoletta Öggesjö

Kvinna med blå klänning som ler framför en blå himmel

Apoteket AB

Sweden's largest pharmacy chain trains 3,500 employees with esTracer

En grupp människor som sitter på en brygga och njuter av solen framför havet

Umeå municipality

Umeå municipality improves upper secondary school with esMaker.

Tomelilla flaggor

Tomelilla municipality

Tomelilla municipality increases the quality of operations with esTracer.

Curious about a tailor-made solution?
It all starts with a demo.

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