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Sweden's largest pharmacy chain trains 3,500 employees

Apoteket AB is one of ​Sweden's strongest brands with awards ​as

"Sweden's second most reputable and honest company".

In order to maintain its position and continue to develop, there is a stated and prioritized strategy: Knowledge. ​

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About Apoteket AB

Number of employees: 3,470 employees
Number of stores: 370 stores in 250 locations
Number of customer meetings per year: 33 million
Turnover: 18.6 billion

Collaboration with Entergate: 2001

The pharmacy uses today:

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Apoteket internally trains 3,500 employees

Sweden's largest pharmacy chain
The classic green signs are everywhere, from north to south, throughout Sweden. With 370 pharmacies in cities and in the countryside and 670 pharmacy agents, the availability is very high. Apoteket AB is one of Sweden's strongest brands with awards such as "Best service company in the pharmacy industry" and "Sweden's other most reputable and honest companies" in the last two years. In order to maintain its position and continue to develop, there is a stated and prioritized strategy: Knowledge.  

Pia Winstedt-Sandin is a pharmacist and has worked at Apoteket for thirty years. The last ten to fifteen years with competence development via e-learning and blended learning where you can combine education via digital learning and traditional education in classrooms.

- We will make it easier to feel good. Regardless of whether you come to Apoteket to pick up your prescription medicines or to get help with the right over-the-counter medicine for pain or nasal congestion. You should always feel completely safe with the advice. Half of Apoteket's almost 3,500 employees are licensed pharmacists, but our pharmacy technicians who are trained self-care advisers also have a very important task.

Flexibility & Competence

Apoteket has a clear strategy for maintaining its position. Employees, competence, high quality and sustainability.

- We strive for the best customer meeting where the customer feels seen and receives good advice. We have high demands on products and suppliers who want to enter Apoteket's quality-assured range, this is important for our credibility and for customers' security when they shop with us. In the pharmaceutical area, changes are taking place continuously, so a lot of competence development is required among employees in order for them to be up-to-date and for them to be able to meet customers' needs.

Easy-to-work tool
Pia Winstedt-Sandin is an experienced producer and organizer in a large organization. Apoteket AB has over three thousand employees with various tasks and professional roles. They are also born in 83 different countries and together speak 57 languages. It requires a great deal of flexibility.  

- We can send invitations, questionnaires and tests to a specific group of employees or to several to test knowledge, take part in employees' opinions on various issues or gather employees for a development effort. For me who builds and administers educations, it works perfectly. It is easy to work with simple steps to create and publish. The support works well both online inside the tool and by phone. I always get help right away.  

The pharmacy of the future
Apoteket's Allergikoll, Blodtryckskoll, Sömnhjälpen and Hälsolabbet are examples of popular services offered today, but Pia Winstedt-Sandin believes that health services will be in even greater demand in the future.  

- Pharmacies will not replace healthcare in any way, but I believe that the pharmacy market in the future will develop more health services to be able to relieve healthcare. This will require expanded specialist services which will of course require training efforts. It will be exciting!

Directly in the portal

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The Pharmacy Academy is a unit within Apoteket that is responsible for coordinating and streamlining competence development internally.

- To meet the training needs of an organization with a large staff, which is spread throughout the country, we have built a portal that can be reached anywhere even from home. Simple and efficient. The portal is open and comprehensive, with everything from further training of pharmacists to management training. We believe in presenting career paths and offering development opportunities to all our employees. Then the whole of Apoteket AB develops, says Pia.

The collaboration with Entergate began as early as 2001. Pia Winstedt-Sandin, who packages and produces the educations at the Pharmacy Academy, worked closely with Entergate from the beginning.

- There are many companies that focus on digital surveys and tests. We are good at building well-stocked educations and formulating interesting questions. Entergate is responsive to our ideas, which we really appreciate. They have the ability to turn our input into practical interactive tools that allow us to move forward. esTracer is a good example. We like that there are different ways to ask questions and that instructional and information videos can be easily woven in. Very functional and easy to absorb. Since the employee receives feedback directly on each question, it is at the same time learning to a very high degree. Effective learning, where we and our employees save a lot of time.

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Tomelilla municipality

Tomelilla municipality increases the quality of operations with esTracer.

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Umeå municipality improves upper secondary school with esMaker.

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A healthy generation follows up and improves the work with esMaker.

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