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The mapping tool pointSurvey integrates geographic information into digital surveys. Analyze travel routes - In real time!

The respondent downloads pointsurvey's app, chooses when the route should be started and then the route is registered automatically. The respondent can upload pictures along the way, mark out places and comment directly in the app. 

Skolbarn ikoner
Safe school routes

A prerequisite is to map which places are perceived as dangerous by those who actually get to and from school every day - the students.

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Error reports

Collect geographically accurate compilation of error reports, administer  action and follow up!

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Analyze areas

Residents can clearly see how their environment is developing and provide valuable feedback.

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Analyze cycle paths

See exactly where and how people move in the area to understand priorities for development and improvement. 

Sweden's first geographical survey tool

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  • Web

  • App

  • Touchscreen 

  • QR code

Create forms

  • Create geographic survey questions 

  • Create picture questions

  • Collect information such as demographic background  in the same survey

Measure results & Analyze in real time

  • Which places/areas are perceived as dangerous and why?

  • Which roads are used the most?

  • In which areas do most people move?​


Respondents can easily scan a QR code and access the form directly via pointsurvey's app.

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The respondents start their journey to the place by pressing the start button. The route is automatically registered on the way to and from the site.

Pin places route

The respondent can upload photos, mark places and write comments along the route - directly in the app! 

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Completed reports are compiled and an overview of the respondents' route is presented.

Safe school routes

How can we together create safer school roads?

A prerequisite is to map which places are perceived as dangerous by those who actually get to and from school every day - the students. Also to some extent parents who may drive or walk with their children to school.


We at Entergate help you carry out a survey for Safe School Roads in a simple and flexible way. We create a digital form that is adapted to your specific business. In the form, we integrate a map where students can draw their route to and from school and point out places along the way that are perceived as dangerous.


The results of the survey are presented in completed reports with pedagogical tables, diagrams and map analyzes. The map analysis shows statistics on routes in different areas. Places marked as problem places are analyzed by area but also individually with the students' specific comments.

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"As a customer of a municipality, we often have a lot of balls in the air, and unfortunately we do not control our work schedule, but Entergate's professional approach has supported us in our work to create safer school roads!"

Karin Aronsson, 

Project manager, Täby municipality, Technology and urban environment department

Täby municipality has in 2020 received a bonus and special honorable mention for its work with school roads by SHIFT, Trivector. On the ground;

" They have worked with school roads for many years and the continuous development of the work for several years has given good results."

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Watch the film about pointsurvey

Always safe with Entergate

Highest safety standard, with us you get the safest systems in Sweden:

  • Developed to meet Swedish requirements

  • GDPR compliant

  • Complete privacy management

  • Swedish developed

  • Servers in Sweden - no foreign assistants

  • Accessibility adapted according to WCAG. 

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 How can your immediate area become safer?

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