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Streamline the crime prevention work with

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Work knowledge-based with digital interactive maps in real time

Crime prevention mapping


Safety walks


Exploitation project​


Status image management


Digital citizen dialogues 

PointSurvey was the only tool which fulfilled all the needs of the Farsta district administration.

Farsta Trygghetsforum wins Stockholm city's safety award.

The Farsta Security Forum consists of a large number of stakeholders from the City of Stockholm, the police, civil society and the business community. Using a digital mapping tool, they jointly create a situational picture, which forms the basis for security-creating measures.

Source: Stockholm County Police


Farsta Security Forum

Digital mapping of security with


Map and report

  • Create mappings on digital maps and adapt the system according to your needs.

  • Allow citizens and civil society actors to report incidents and anomalies via web links.

  • In pointSurvey you easily map deviations in our web-based system. Take the system out into the field – pointSurvey is mobile friendly.

Digital dialogues​

For development projects, park investments etc.​

Deviation reporting​

Let different target groups report deviations to quickly get current pictures​

Safety walks​

Get an overall picture of reported locations during security walks​

Map with markers on a computer screen

The respondents start their journey to the place by pressing the start button. The route is automatically registered on the way to and from the site.

The respondent marks anomalies on a moving map, selects the anomaly type and writes a description or inserts images. Generate QR codes for your mappings/reports​ for easy management of digital citizen dialogues. 


Easy for handlers

A prerequisite for mapping which places are perceived as unsafe is to continuously collect deviations within the geographical area. After an anomaly has been reported, the administrator can easily view all anomalies on a map and filter them by category, reporter, date and time. In addition, you can compare deviations and discover trends and patterns.

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Map with markings on an iPad screen

Create snapshots

  • Create location images and interfaces of reported deviations on interactive maps.

  • Export deviations with real-time links and see incoming deviations instantly

  • Distribute, report and follow up – all in one powerful system!

  • Collaborate with each other by sharing maps and location images. Share real-time links and share the analysis with others.

Measure, report and analyze data

Identify patterns & trends

Identify patterns and trends and explore the relationship between different variables. Get a better handle on potential risk factors with the help of a more efficient resource allocation.

Categorize Markups

Sort and filter data by deviation category, reporter, status and time. With our extensive filtering function, it is easy and convenient to extract exactly the result you want!

Share realtime links & export

Export data to other GIS systems for further analysis.

Collaborate and provide access to others by sharing mapping and location images via real-time links.

Watch the film about pointsurvey

Always safe with Entergate

Highest safety standard, with  us you get the safest systems in Sweden:

  • Developed to meet Swedish requirements

  • GDPR compliant

  • Complete privacy management

  • Swedish developed

  • Servers in Sweden - no foreign assistants

  • Accessibility adapted according to WCAG. 

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 How can your neighborhood become safer? 

With our mapping system pointSurvey, you easily mark safety deviations directly in a web-based tool. With just one license, you can give unlimited users access to the mapping and the opportunity to report deviations. We at Entergate design the tool in collaboration with you, based on your business and your needs and wishes.

Book a 30 min demo and we'll tell you more!

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