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Umeå municipality

Course Evaluations & Student and teacher surveys with 

About Umeå municipality:  Norrland's most well - populated municipality, and also the fastest growing municipality

Inhabitants : 129,000 inhabitants (2019/2020)
High school student:
  3,700 under municipal auspices

High school teacher:  about 370 under municipal auspices

Reports per year:  ca 1300

Umeå municipality uses today:

"Entergate is like a good partner in my and the municipality's development work - we do this together."

- Anna Persson, School Strategist Within The Municipal Upper Secondary School In Umeå Municipality

Umeå municipality is improving the upper secondary school

Anna Persson is a school strategist with the task of analyzing success factors and finding areas for improvement within the municipal upper secondary school in Umeå municipality.


- To measure the results of the improvement work over time, Entergate's survey tool esMaker is a great support in the process.

The challenge

Different conditions and large differences between different activities and programs are a challenge for those who have the overall responsibility. In 2012, the development of a system support to be able to carry out course evaluations, student and teacher surveys began.

  - It is difficult to find general success factors and opportunities for improvement in a business with large differences in courses, student base and competencies. Even though I have a helicopter perspective, I need to dive down to get a more detailed picture.

Friction-free process

Tools and process

Entergate developed a portal, where the teacher logs in to start an evaluation final and with a few simple keystrokes, the survey is published to the students via the learning platform.

- The student surveys address a number of questions and factors. We are largely based on the Swedish Schools Inspectorate's survey and use it as a basis, in order to also be able to meet nationally and compare how Umeå municipality's upper secondary schools compare with Sweden's other upper secondary schools. But we also add our own questions.


High response rate

About 3,700 students attend the municipal upper secondary schools in Umeå municipality. The goal is a response rate of at least 80 percent.

- Considering that there are so many students and that it is not the high school students' favorite occupation to answer questionnaires, we are very satisfied. We reach our goals and have a very high response rate.

The collaboration with Entergate

Course evaluations

Benefit and results

The questionnaires give the upper secondary school and adult education committee an overall screening of the activities in a systematic way over time.

- Every year, approximately 1,300 reports are created where it is possible to obtain statistics according to a number of different parameters. It is a very valuable support in the process of our improvement work over time. It also gives schools or specific programs a direct indication of the results of the investments made. An example among many may be how changed scheduling has affected the degree of perceived stress among students.


Even though I have a helicopter perspective, I need to dive down to get a more detailed picture.

We do this together

When Anna Persson took up the position as school strategist, esMaker was established in the business for many years. 

- It is an established system that runs smoothly for teachers and students. For my part, the collaboration works very smoothly. I have a contact person who is responsive and captures my wishes, who keeps track of developments and has the right skills to implement improvements and follow up. Entergate is like a good partner in my and the municipality's development work - we do this together. 

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