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Our sustainability work

Since Entergate was founded just over 20 years ago, we have delivered value to municipalities, regions, authorities, companies and other organizations both in Sweden and abroad. The journey our customers have made thanks to the new technology has given them clear values in the form of time savings, efficiency and simpler collaborations. A journey that is extremely sustainable.
Finding strength together with others is something that constantly reappears with us at Entergate and this of course also applies to sustainability. Together with suppliers, partners and customers, we can make a difference and we are now taking a larger and broader approach to the area of sustainability and hope that you want to join us on our journey.

Sustainable for the customer

Digital solutions are a sustainable choice that contributes to increased efficiency. Cloud-based solutions provide flexibility and better opportunities for collaboration, now and in the future.
Our services are cloud-based, which means a long-term perspective that not everyone may think about. They enable our customers to work efficiently in a simple way. As a customer, you spend less time on paper handling and manual documentation. You can easily collect your data in our tools and always have a good overview.
You do not have to physically send or leave documents to other parties, which makes it so much more secure as well. We have collaborations with many parties that take over where our own expertise ends, so you can safely continue to grow with us. We like to be strong together with others and our solutions are good tools in an environment that is characterized by a strong digitalisation trend.

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Sustainable for the environment

The climate is a central issue for everyone's future. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to make conscious choices to reduce our climate impact. Already today, we use 100 percent renewable energy, work with sustainable initiatives for our employees and develop products and services that give our customers the opportunity to become more sustainable.
Sustainability is important to Entergate in all decisions concerning resources, both within our own business and in terms of what we offer to our customers. We are proud to develop solutions for reducing climate impact and we work continuously to reduce our own climate footprint. Along the way, we also want to support our customers to do the same through our products and services. Our customers are authorities, organizations and companies that through innovations and smart solutions already today create a more sustainable society. We believe that we can all together build a successful and sustainable Sweden.

Our work with global goals

In 2022, Entergate will start with internal workshops on the company's sustainability strategy and ambitions in sustainability that contribute to the UN's global goals. Entergate has begun a survey of how the company can contribute to the UN's 17 global goals and we will focus on the goals where we believe we have the greatest opportunity to contribute to the sustainability strategy. Then we continue this work through the development of methods to get a clearer picture of how the project can further contribute to the company's ambitions and thus the UN's global goals. The UN's global goals for sustainable development will be an important guiding light in our work in the future. This will be a platform on the basis of which Entergate together with partners will be able to contribute to a more sustainable development.

"We are the first generation that can eradicate poverty and the last that can fight climate change."
Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General

Global goals for sustainable development EU
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Sustainable for society

We facilitate our customers' operations in Sweden through our products, but we also want to inspire increased sustainability in society in general. We do this by actively choosing collaborations, running initiatives and entering into partnerships.
To contribute to a healthy, innovative and sustainable climate, we are active in several different corporate networks, such as the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce. We are also involved in a wide range of youth activities in Halmstad and the surrounding area, activities that contribute to long-term success for both the individual and society at large, and a sustainable life for future generations.
We know that increased knowledge and education are important success factors, which is why we are looking for collaborations with actors in higher education, such as the National Graduate School of Health Innovation at Halmstad University. But we also share our insights and our expertise in entrepreneurship at events at schools in the local area as well as at network and customer meetings.
We support a number of independent training programs and offer internships during ongoing training in order to share our experiences and our knowledge.

Sustainable employeeship

Our employees are our most important asset. That is why it is so important that all our staff like their job. Development opportunities, education, corporate culture and work environment are some areas that we work actively with. But the most important reason to like your job is still that everyone feels that you both contribute to something important and that you really get to use your skills where needed. You get to build, develop and manage things, you get to make decisions and you get to test. And allowed to make mistakes. By daring to try what you have never tested before, new quantities can be created. And then it goes wrong sometimes, it's part of the process. Then you also learn something new. Innovation is an important part of the company's core.
With us, employees get the opportunity to grow and develop. Here you can move between positions or grow as a leader. We also have a fantastic work environment, we organize recurring social activities, we encourage exercise, we offer ping pong tables and the opportunity for massage in the office, we bring in external help for health and wellness, etc.

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Supplier code

We want to live as we teach and maintain a high level of ethics in line with our values. Our supplier code is available as a support and a help in that work and it also indicates a clear direction.
We have a responsibility to conduct our business in a sustainable and ethical manner. It covers the entire supply chain and we encourage suppliers of products, systems or services to us to relate to it and act ethically and sustainably.
In our supplier code, we summarize the expectations we have of you as our supplier. The code is based on the principles of  UN Global Compact .

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We strive to run our company in a long-term and sustainable way. Therefore, it is important for us that irregularities that can seriously damage the business or our employees are noticed and investigated as early as possible.
To make it easy to provide information about misconduct of various kinds, such as things that are contrary to current legislation, ethics and morals or our policies, we have set up a whistleblower system. Here, employees, customers and partners can easily make a report and at the same time be guaranteed total anonymity. All notifications are received and investigated by a role assigned to this.
You can make your report by reporting anonymously in  our digital  reporting tools . There you will also find guidelines and instructions.

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