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Create efficient and user-friendly registration pages for all your events

Now with paid service!

Registrations and invitations

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 Formulär anmälningar

Manage events easily!

Registration form is a module in esMaker that is used to easily create and distribute invitations with registration forms that can be used both internally and externally. With the functions, you can easily administer registrations for educations, courses, registrations of interest, panels and events.  

  • Manage the entire process - from creating forms, to easily distributing the form and producing ready-made participant lists.

  • Publish the application form via web, e-mail, on the touch screen, via tablets and tablets, embed on the website or via QR code.​

  •  When notifications have been received, you can easily send them out

  • summonses / reminders via email & SMS.​

  • Manage all registrations in the portal - From the portal you can follow registrations, manage backup lists, attendance lists and mailings of information with, for example, calendar events. 

Newsletters and Updates
Events and Webinars
Evaluate with surveys

Create your own forms with different occasions, select the number of seats & adapt to your graphic profile 

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Publish the registration form via web, e-mail, touch screen,  embed on the website or via QR code.


Participants register easily and an automatic confirmation email is sent to the specified email address with the calendar invitation

One portal for all management

Dot of presence

Send out reminders

Rebook & unregister

Manage reserve lists

Send email & sms directly in the portal 


 Export participant lists, special diets and reserves



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Create your own forms with different occasions


The participants register easily

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Reserve places & group registrations


Everything gathered in one portal

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Payment service by card & Swish

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Check attendance

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Reminder and invitations via email and SMS

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Response rate in real time

Optimize your flow

Integrations with different segments
Integrate & automate

Automate mailings according to your workflows. Segment and simplify.

QR code

Works on all devices automatically. Mobile, tablet and computer. 

Computer with line diagram
Automatic reserve management

Select the number of places on reserve lists that are adopted automatically.

Calendar function

Send out calendar invitations via outlook.

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