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With the right platform
- Anything is possible

Our Swedish-developed platforms are easy to use and equipped with powerful, advanced functions
- with data storage in Sweden.

Innovative insights. Secure data. World-class technology.

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The Market's Most Powerful

Survey & Analysis Platform

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An all-Swedish survey tool that makes it easy to conduct surveys and create web surveys. With esMaker, you can easily put together surveys, send them out to your chosen respondents and then analyze the results, all in the same powerful tool. 

In addition, all data storage takes place in Sweden.  

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World-class technology
Secure data in Sweden
Always free support

Customer feedback

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Exit measurement

Pulse feedback

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360 ° Feedback

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"Entergate is solution-oriented and their support is world-class. The esMaker tool is also very easy to use in practice."

The respondent downloads pointsurvey's app, selects when the route is to be started and then the route is registered automatically. The respondent can upload photos along the way, mark out places and comment directly in the pointsurvey app. 

Mobile view
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The mapping tool
integrates geographic information into digital surveys


e-learning platform

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We want it to be easy to educate and fun to learn! Create your own educations and gather all competence development in participant portals with a managerial view. Onboarding, nanotraining and certification - in one tool. 

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Nano courses

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Participant portals



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Which solution suits you? 

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Survey & Analysis Platform

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E-Learning Platform

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Geographical surveys

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Research & Data Collection

Our Services - We Take Care Of The Whole Process

What can we help you with?






Our customers

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What do our customers say?

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“Entergate is responsive to our ideas, which we greatly appreciate. They have the ability to turn our input into practical interactive tools that allow us to move forward. esTracer is a good example. We like that there are different ways to ask questions and that instructional and information films can be easily woven in. ”

Pia Winstedt-Sandin, Leg Pharmacist / Senior Consultant, Apoteket AB

Choose a tool that grows with you

Always free support

We not only deliver customer service, we are your partner all the way. Our support is always available, unlimited for the entire organization.

Unlimited use

A license with an unlimited amount of use and number of users. With Entergate, you avoid "unlock" functions, user licenses and extensions. Everything is included in a license! It can actually be that simple.


Integration via API and AD. Simplify login with Single Sign On.

Smooth integrations simplify your flow. Automate mailing flows of respondent lists and more.

With the right platform - Is anything possible


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Do you want to know more about our solutions?

It all starts with a demo.

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